Cargo Handling Service
Service account
Palletization and/or containerization for export cargo.
Provide exclusive area and facilities for forwarders to build up pallets and/or containers.
Documentation handling and Customs clearance for export flights.
Depalletization and/or decontainerization for import cargo.
Priority breakdown and check-in for urgent import shipments.
Documentation handling and customs clearance for import flights.
Loading/unloading cargo from trucks.
Customs inspection of both import and export shipments.
Tracking of shipment status.
Irregular cases handling for both import and export shipments.
Electronic Data Interchange between customs and warehouse.
Storage and management of airline empty ULD.
Warehouse space rental.
Office to rent for airlines, forwarders and customs brokers.
Customs custody warehouse’s operation and rental service.
Providing third party’s certification of professional air cargo service.