Cargo Handling Service
International Import Flow

1.  the consignee should receive AWB with company’s reference letter, which need to
     be sealed in Chinese and English or attached with the Chinese-English certification,
     and his ID card, or his passport if the consignee is personal, then pay for the
     ground handling %20char%20ges.
2.  the consignee should %20declare%20 his goods to customs and inspection & quarantine
     bureau by himself.
3.  after the declaration, the consignee should follow the procedure of picking up his
     goods with sealed AWB, the company’s reference letter sealed in Chinese&English
     and his ID card in international inport business hall to receive the delivery order  
     and IC card cargo terminal provides.
4.  the consignee should pick up his goods with the delivery order and IC card
5.  after picking up the goods, the consignee should return the IC card to the