Cargo Handling Service
International Export Flow

1.     when the goods is loaded at international export (private shipper need to entrust international freight forwarder), agent should attach labels to the goods and fill out shipper’s letter of instrution.
2.     the letter of instrution, which would be delivered to safety inspection by the agent and given number, should be attached to its goods stored in the storehouse ttrough X-ray scanner.
3.     after the goods is measured, the letter of instrution would be received at the measuring counter and print the AWB according to the data in the letter of instrution.
4.     the %20declare%20d information would be sent in the international export business hall with AWB and the second page of the letter of instrution, and the AWB would be sealed in “received”.
5.     the AWB sealed in “received” would be taken to the customs logistics department for declaration, and it would be sealed in “certified” after customs clearance.
6.     the AWB sealed in “received” and “certified” would be delivered to safety inspection room to be sealed in “inspected” the AWB sealed in “received”, “certified” and “inspected” would be delivered to international export counter in the pre%20script%20ive time.